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I think a lot of people will notice that this account hasn’t been particularly active over the past six months or so. Partly because my job and its weird hours leave me physically and emotionally drained, partly because LPFF and XIV take up a pretty significant portion of my what little free time I do have.

But I’d be lying if I said that that was all, because lately the general roleplay atmosphere has been wearing me down. I can’t get behind everyone’s portrayals of their characters and feel like I’m expected to do so. I feel like I have to settle for crack instead of meaningful, well-thought character developments when there’s nothing else on the dash except for crack, day in and day out. It’s exhausting and frustrating as both a writer and a roleplayer.

I’m not deleting, and I’m not “leaving”… but my hiatus will, for now, continue. If/when I come back, there are going to be some pretty serious changes in the way my Gabranth interacts with others and in how I conduct myself on the dashboard.

tactical-striker wondered: Moonflower

Moonflower: What’s one dream your character has had?

Roleplay-verse, my Gabranth suffers from habitual nightmares of the things he’s seen and done since leaving Landis. These are exacerbated by his day-to-day stress and usually leave him with feelings of powerlessness or self-loathing.

Since meeting Ajora Glabados, his dreams have taken a turn toward the bizarre. He often can’t make sense of the things he sees, as they are less rooted in reality than his usual nightmares. Usually they will revolve around himself or those he loves subjected to otherworldly torments at the hands of something he cannot fight. He has suspected that these dreams have something to do with the Zodiac Stones.

Anonymous wondered: Daffodil, Bay Leaf

Daffodil: Has your character ever had unrequited love for someone? Have they ever loved someone but held it in for any reason?

It’s left ambiguous if Gabranth and Drace ever actually loved each other, but it’s clear that he cared for her a great deal and had to hide it. He certainly did his best to hide his feelings as he was forced to execute her.

Bay Leaf: What gives your character strength?

The knowledge that all of the horrible things he does as a soldier of the Empire has purpose and meaning.

phantasmal-knight wondered: Acorn, Cattail

Acorn: What would your character do if they lived forever?

Gabranth would do his best to defend the peace, not by being a hero of the masses but by working silently in tandem to protect one or two key political figures.

His first priority would be to defend House Solidor, not only Larsa but all of Larsa’s children and their children after them. But a time must eventually come when House Solidor either falls from power or ends.

(Ashy and I came up with a plot years ago in which Gabranth finds himself in a site of ruins in Lesalia and makes the acquaintance of a young princess named Ovelia. We never actually played it out, for which I am equal parts regretful and thankful because holy shit how would I ever recover from writing something like that.)

Cattail: Is your character at peace with themself? Why or why not?

He’s as much at peace with himself as he can be, which is to say hardly at all. He won’t forgive himself, but at the end of the day he knows that neither Larsa nor Basch hates him and that’s all he really needs to continue on with his life.

Flower And Tree Language Prompts: 


Acorn: What would your character do if they lived forever?

Azalea: Who does your character wish would take better care of themselves?

Bay leaf: What gives your character strength?

Briony: What’s one time your character has helped a friend?

Cattail: Is your character at peace with themself? Why or why not?

Cyclamen: Who is someone your character has had to say good-bye to?

Daffodil: Has your character ever had unrequited love for someone? Have they ever loved someone but held it in for any reason?

Daisy: Four things that make your character happy.

Edelweiss: Describe a time your character has had to be brave.

Eglantine: Has your character ever had a wound or pain that didn’t heal?

Fern: Does your character have any magical abilities?

Foxglove: Has your character ever lied about something?

Geranium: What’s one mistake your character remembers making?

Gladiolus: What’s one time your character has stuck to their morals and convictions?

Honeysuckle: Who does your character love like family?

Heather: Who is someone your character wants to protect?

Ivy: Has your character ever thought about getting married? Would they like it?

Iris: If your character could send one person a message, who and what would it be?

Jonquil: Has your character ever confessed their love for someone? How did it go?

Jasmine: Whats one thing your character wants?

Kennedia: One thing your character admires in someone.

Kalanchoe: Is your character well-liked by their friends?

Laurel: If your character could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Love-lies-bleeding: Has your character ever done something even though they didn’t want to?

Marigold: Describe a time or reason your character felt jealousy.

Moonflower: What’s one dream your character has had?

Nightshade: What is a painful truth your character has had to face?

Nettle: What’s one person your character hates/dislikes and why?

Oak leaves: Describe a victory your character is proud of.

Oleander: What’s one thing your character should beware of?

Pine: What is something your character wishes they could move on from?

Poppy: What is something your character wants to forget?

Queen Anne’s Lace: If your character could pretend one thing, what would it be?

Quince: One temptation your character has had.

Rosemary: What is something your character will always remember?

Pink Roses: Who is someone your character has wanted to make happy?

Red Roses: Who is someone your character has truly loved?

White/Red Rose: Who is someone your character has found themselves cooperating with when they didn’t expect it?

Sage: What is one thing they have learnt?

Snowdrop: Describe a time they felt hope.

Tulip: Has your character ever been in romantic love with someone? Are they still?

Thistle: What’s one time your character has been angry and harsh with someone?

Utricularia: Five things your character likes.

Umbrella sage: Where does your character consider home?

Purple Violet: Are there any topics your character dodges?

White Violet: When’s the last time your character told the truth about something?

Wallflower: What’s one time your character has endured under difficult circumstances?

Water-lily: What’s one quote from your character?

Xeranthum: If your character died right now but could have one wish for the world come true, what would it be?

Xanthoriza: What’s something your character has run away from?

Yew: What makes your character sad?

Yarrow: What would your character go to war over?

Zinnia: Does your character ever miss their friends?

Pink Zinnia: Who will your character always be friends with?

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Word of your deeds has spread far from Kerwon, from the mouths of soldiers and refugees alike. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear of another miracle performed by the Holy Saint. You have brought hope and faith to a people long left devoid of such necessities.

But your work is by no means complete, and you know far better than I what fate will befall the world if you should fail. I say this not to dampen your glory or to demean your numerous triumphs, but to remind you that you have still a long way to go. Your trials will be numerous, but the rewards will be well worth your efforts.

I have kept the fifth in my safekeeping. For the time being, he ceases to trouble me.

Should your journeys ever take you to the Imperial Capital, know that there will always be a place for you at His Excellency’s table. Until then, I extend my fondest regards as well as my hopes for your continued success.

Judge Magister N. Gabranth

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"No!" The cry was tearing from his lips before he’d even the thought to quell it. How immeasurably cruel would it be for Gabranth to offer something so scientifically unique only to yank it away because of his own stupidity? He’d be left kicking his own arse for the next ten years. 

It was, however, testament to his new life in Archades (and as such the niceties due his station) that Balthier’s lips pressed thin and he’d the grace to look abashed. Had any man but Gabranth seen such a display Balthier would be finished before one could even raise the courage to laugh

Gently, he set the casket down upon the table once more, his face the picture of polite ‘humility’. “I suppose to say thank you would be too light a thing?”

For the first time since their conversation began, Gabranth lifted his helm from his head and tucked it under his left arm. A small and vaguely sardonic smile - more of a smirk, really - had settled upon his face as he had assessed Ffamran’s reaction.

"Not at all," he replied, once more letting his glance fall to the small contraption resting before them. "Truth be told, a simple act of gratitude was more than anything I would have expected from you." Gabranth’s grin widened, letting Ffamran know that that comment had not been entirely serious.

Seemingly as an afterthought, he added, “Put it to good use,” and tapped the device one last time before making to stride out of the room.


The draw of Balthier’s brow was almost comical in it’s slowness, the line of them reaching towards his hair line as nothing short of greed fuelled shock write it’s self over his face. Payday indeed. In quiet awe he reached out a hand, taking up the box and casing. To say he held it with care was to say a father handle his son with spiked gloves. 

"And what, precisely, have I done to receive this honour, Gabranth?"

It was the first time in day’s he’d been honest to goodness excited about something, and it showed in the very shine that settled upon his eyes. It was like he’d been given like again. 

Quick eyes flicked up to Gabranth, suddenly wary. “Do I have to give it back?”

For all the world he was no better than a child.

An interesting question. One could easily argue that Ffamran hardly deserved a priceless natural resource as a reward for having done his job to his commanding officer’s satisfaction, but Gabranth was not in any sort of mood to contemplate that train of thought. In fact, more than anything else, he was irked that the young man himself thought to question it. You do not think yourself worthy of it? he almost snapped. He managed to restrain those words before he spoke them, for he knew that nothing good would come of that unfounded anger.

"You’ve taken hardly a single day’s absence in the past month," he replied. "I simply sought to ensure that your next holiday would be one worthy to remember. But if you don’t want it, I can think of several researchers who would love to get their hands on a sample of ceruleum…"