"Consider this a reminder that racist generalizations of viera are no more permitted today than any other day of the year, and that likening a viera to an ‘Easter hare’ is akin to defamation and punishable by heavy fines or up to six weeks of imprisonment. Enjoy your festivities."

"…Remember also that the celebration of Easter comes from various Kiltian adaptations of Esper lore and was most likely named for Shemhazai’s consort Isatar, and that the Ordalian version of the holiday is an appropriation and bastardization of traditional Kerwonian and Valendian beliefs."

It was no secret to anyone in Ivalice that the Archadian 9th Bureau and the sky pirate Fran had been mortal enemies for years. Even long before she’d met Balthier, the viera mechanic had had a majestic bounty on her head and a list of charges several miles long to match. But Emperor Larsa had ordered that she be decorated as a hero, and Basch had discreetly erased her criminal record. But there was no such thing as a reformed pirate, and so Fran soon found herself back on the 9th Bureau’s wanted lists.

For the second time in as many years, Judge Magister Gabranth nullified all charges against Fran. This time, however, he made far more of a statement of it than his brother had. Rather than tear down all posters bearing her appearance and bounty, he ordered that the word “ACQUITTED” be stamped over them in conspicuous red ink. It was the talk of hunter circles from Phon to Roda. None could so much as guess what the 9th had up its sleeve.

In truth, Gabranth wished for an audience with the pirate. He was willing to call a truce - a temporary one, at least - in order to discuss matters of great import to the Empire and to her. Various attempts to contact her through Ffamran mied Bunansa had consistently gone astray, and Gabranth could think of no better way to get Fran’s attention than suddenly remove from her all threat of capture.

Sure enough, he soon heard the door to his office give a low creak. He stowed away the documents he’d been working on and looked up, knowing at once who to expect. None ever entered his quarters in the palace without knocking, not even Judge Bunansa.

"Welcome," he said to her, attempting to keep his voice casual. He suddenly felt very anxious, for he remembered all too well the last time they’d met. He’d died aboard her airship. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

So I want to address concerns about the group FFTumblr, because a lot of people aren’t really sure what’s going on with it.

For those who don’t know, FFTumblr was a Final Fantasy roleplay group that began over three years ago. It disbanded just about two years ago due to a lack of time commitment in most of its members as well as the internal issues caused by bullying by one of the mods.

The bullying was the reason I left, but it has not defined my experiences of FFTumblr as a whole. The group had a better community atmosphere than any one I’ve found anywhere on Tumblr. Even to this day, most of the members of the original group (about twenty or so of who’s stayed on Tumblr) still follow each other’s personals. To this day, most of us still consider ourselves family. FFTumblr was where I met my former girlfriend and most of my current best friends, and it was where I first got the inspiration for Livvy Plays Final Fantasy. This summer, I’m planning to go on an extensive vacation with one such best friend I met at FFTumblr and I couldn’t be happier for it.

A number of people from the original group have decided to reboot the masterlist, and old members have had a chance to reclaim their old characters. I was offered Gabranth and Celes but declined, specifically because I no longer have the time to commit to a masterlist, but I fully support this new group.

Steps have been taken in the new group to ensure that there’s not the same abuse of power, as there was last time. The old mod who was notorious for bullying people no longer has any part in the current group, and the new mods are great people who I’ve considered among my friends for years.

For those of you who experienced bullying from FFTumblr’s former mod (or any others) in the past, please don’t worry; I am wholly confident that events will not repeat themselves. You’re more than welcome to address whatever concerns you may have to me, and I’d even be happy to anonymously relay those concerns to the current lineup of mods.

But to be honest, I’m side-eyeing everyone who’s referring to FFTumblr as a cesspool of drama without having any first-hand experience of roleplaying there… especially since I know most Final Fantasy masterlists nowadays aren’t nearly as friendly to its own members as FFTumblr has been for more than three years. If FFTumblr isn’t your preferred style of community, that’s entirely fine, but let people enjoy what they’ve put in a lot of effort to rebuild.





*returns to his paperwork*

I don’t want to know I don’t want to know I don’t want to know…


"Gabranth - might I hide in your office. I’ve pissed off the pet viera."

"Only if it will allow me a first glimpse at the pounding you’re sure to receive."


*returns to his paperwork*

I don’t want to know I don’t want to know I don’t want to know…



"Good Morning." The pirate says, completely ignoring the fact that it is, indeed, early afternoon.

To make sure he wasn’t losing his already tentative grip on reality, Gabranth checked his watch. “How carefree it must be to run on the Bunansa clock,” he drawled. “Your paperwork was due in hours ago.”


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When Ffamran arrived back at Gabranth’s office that night, Thia was still awake. She was lying with her stomach against the carpet, kicking her feet up into the air to her own peculiar rhythm. Gabranth had procured a set of crayons from somewhere inside his desk, and she was using them to draw over spare sheets of paper. As the door opened, Thia hopped up and ran to embrace her father around the legs, shouting excitedly at him in the Rozarrian tongue.

"Da’! Da’! Uncle Gabs and I spent the whooole day together, and he was only grumpy once! And he taught me a new word in Ordalian: duck!”

Thia rummaged in the tiny pockets of her dress and withdrew a crumpled crayon drawing depicting Ffamran in Judge armor running away from several very non-threatening birds. For added clarification, an arrow was directed at Ffamran’s head with the word “DA” scrawled over it.